Q&A of the Day…..Am I Crazy?

Question Time!!!!!  Ok, Confused and Scared sent me an email last night asking me this question.....What do you do when your Husband doesn't think he has a sex addiction.  I know that he does because I have caught porn on our Family computer a million times and he constantly tells me he will stop.  He … Continue reading Q&A of the Day…..Am I Crazy?

Grieving While Your Spouse is in Recovery

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago...she's kind of a new friend.  So, she doesn't know what we have been through the past 2 years and thinks my Hubby is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G....which he is....Now!  🙂  She was explaining to me this situation that her grade school friend was dealing with.  Her Husband was … Continue reading Grieving While Your Spouse is in Recovery

Reading to Heal from Sex Addiction

Ok, so you know now your Spouse has a Sex addiction.  You have yourself and your Family in a safe place.  I say this because you have to make sure that you are safe, especially with kids.  I have heard some really sad stories about harm coming to Spouses after discovery.  Please be careful and … Continue reading Reading to Heal from Sex Addiction

What Questions Can You Ask??

I am often asked what can I ask my Spouse?  You can ask them Anything and Everything!!  You are the one who was betrayed and they need to be transparent with you.  Especially if you are working on keeping your Marriage and Family together.  Your Husband or Wife did sexual activities without you and then … Continue reading What Questions Can You Ask??

Come into the Light…..

I never in a million years thought my Husband would ever struggle with sex addiction!  I mean really, like that is a real thing!  Our daughter literally said that she would have believed that her Dad murdered someone before sleeping with prostitutes.  I think because he was always home.  He went to work in the … Continue reading Come into the Light…..

Prostitutes bring new meaning to “Strip Mall”

So, the night I found out was awful.  I remember feeling like I was hit by a truck.  Blind-sighted to say the very least!  He had received a text while I was making dinner.  We had just moved into a new house and I had given his number to a neighbor we had met earlier … Continue reading Prostitutes bring new meaning to “Strip Mall”

STD Testing……Check!

Safety comes first always…..If you even suspect your spouse is anything but Faithful I would run and get tested.  Embarrassment is not worth the cost of your health.  As soon as the initial shock wore off the rage of worry overcame me.  Could I have a disease?  I have three kids to think about here.  … Continue reading STD Testing……Check!