Q&A of the Day…..Am I Crazy?

Question Time!!!!!  Ok, Confused and Scared sent me an email last night asking me this question.....What do you do when your Husband doesn't think he has a sex addiction.  I know that he does because I have caught porn on our Family computer a million times and he constantly tells me he will stop.  He … Continue reading Q&A of the Day…..Am I Crazy?

A Sticky Situation

So, I have to share our weekend with ya'll.  The Valentine part was wonderful....honestly my Hubby was extra sweet to the whole Family all weekend long.  But, I want to share a little trigger that happened so you can understand that just because time has passed since discovery, recovery is avidly worked on and your … Continue reading A Sticky Situation

The Cycle Goes On and On…..Till You Hop Off

When I discovered my Husband was a Sex Addict I struggled Big Time with ruminating.  I couldn't shake the thoughts and visions I had in my head.  I would troll craigslist, go through old calendars to try and remember if he was with us or not.  I would go through old receipts, scan every single … Continue reading The Cycle Goes On and On…..Till You Hop Off

Reminder of Why I’m Here….

Sometimes we Believe one thing about our life that we suspect is not so, but with handy colored glasses even we can be fooled into thinking what we perceive is actual reality.  I say this because I have lived most of my 39 years that way.  I’m what you would call an expert shape shifter … Continue reading Reminder of Why I’m Here….

Transparency is Key for Success

My Husband came home from work the other day and after we welcomed each other he had something he wanted to share with me.  He needed to be transparent.  In the beginning....2 years ago I would have feelings of despair, anxiety and hopelessness like I felt from the on start of Discovery when he needed … Continue reading Transparency is Key for Success

God Can Heal the Worst Marriages

I remember when I first discovered my Husbands addiction my Mind was not my own.  My thoughts and feelings were so our of wack that I hardly could recognize myself in the mirror.  I resorted to old habits that I had used as a child and teenager to sooth myself....cutting and burning.  I ran to … Continue reading God Can Heal the Worst Marriages

Don’t let the Devil Know Your Loop Holes

We are all Human, even those of us in Recovery.  You don't just decide to battle your addiction one day and life becomes all Perfect!  If you are in Recovery from Sex Addiction I KNOW YOU are TEMPTED EVERYWHERE!!!  It is almost impossible to go a whole day without seeing or hearing something sexual.   … Continue reading Don’t let the Devil Know Your Loop Holes

Dare to Recover Your Marriage from Sex Addiction

One of my Major Tools in my tool belt for repairing my marriage hands down has to be The Love Dare!  We went out and bought it within a few days after Discovery.  I was honestly just grasping for straws....anything that I thought would help I wanted to try.  Back then I still thought I … Continue reading Dare to Recover Your Marriage from Sex Addiction

Grieving While Your Spouse is in Recovery

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago...she's kind of a new friend.  So, she doesn't know what we have been through the past 2 years and thinks my Hubby is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G....which he is....Now!  🙂  She was explaining to me this situation that her grade school friend was dealing with.  Her Husband was … Continue reading Grieving While Your Spouse is in Recovery