Creating Safety for Your Spouse to Recover Too

The very first thing that my Husband did for me after all the secrets were out on the table was to create safety.  It was natural to him thankfully and after we started therapy just a few weeks later we realized we were already doing some of the things that they were suggesting.  So, how … Continue reading Creating Safety for Your Spouse to Recover Too

The Perfect Storm for Addiction

What did you do when you were a little kid and was sad, scared, hurt, overwhelmed, confused, embarrassed or ashamed?  I ate and cut myself and my Husband watched porn and masturbated.  It's crazy to think back and really look at what you did as a child for comfort.  I had a crazy childhood filled … Continue reading The Perfect Storm for Addiction

Reading to Heal from Sex Addiction

Ok, so you know now your Spouse has a Sex addiction.  You have yourself and your Family in a safe place.  I say this because you have to make sure that you are safe, especially with kids.  I have heard some really sad stories about harm coming to Spouses after discovery.  Please be careful and … Continue reading Reading to Heal from Sex Addiction

What Questions Can You Ask??

I am often asked what can I ask my Spouse?  You can ask them Anything and Everything!!  You are the one who was betrayed and they need to be transparent with you.  Especially if you are working on keeping your Marriage and Family together.  Your Husband or Wife did sexual activities without you and then … Continue reading What Questions Can You Ask??

All Triggers need Boundaries

What a was a great weekend, but even with Great weekends we have Triggers.  Let me explain, my Husband has a cheap old non-smart cell phone.  He gave up his brand new phone after I discovered his addiction along with access to his computer.  He used to spend more hours tucked away on his … Continue reading All Triggers need Boundaries

Come into the Light…..

I never in a million years thought my Husband would ever struggle with sex addiction!  I mean really, like that is a real thing!  Our daughter literally said that she would have believed that her Dad murdered someone before sleeping with prostitutes.  I think because he was always home.  He went to work in the … Continue reading Come into the Light…..