Q&A of the Day…..Am I Crazy?

Question Time!!!!!  Ok, Confused and Scared sent me an email last night asking me this question.....What do you do when your Husband doesn't think he has a sex addiction.  I know that he does because I have caught porn on our Family computer a million times and he constantly tells me he will stop.  He … Continue reading Q&A of the Day…..Am I Crazy?

Why I have been MIA…..

You know it's been awhile since I've written anything.  I have been overwhelmed with life and trying to keep everything in perspective.  That is something I have learned through all this mess.  It may sound crazy depending on where you are with Discovering your own addiction or your spouse's.  But, I can honestly say that … Continue reading Why I have been MIA…..

The Deep and then the Deeper

What have I been up to lately?  Well, coming back from a 10 day vacation almost makes me feel like I need another vacation from my vacation.  I've come down with an awful deep cough.  It's so deep I pee myself almost every time I cough.....I'm literally writing this in the bathroom, because I'm giving … Continue reading The Deep and then the Deeper

Situational Trigger be Gone Says the Little Girl

Been really busy trying to pack and get ready for our vacation.  Yesterday I had a full on panic attack, I was tense all day and totally had a Lupus flare.  Nothing crazy happened, no triggers, no misbehaving kids, just a regular day organizing and packing.  It wasn't until my Husband told me to sit … Continue reading Situational Trigger be Gone Says the Little Girl

Vacation Triggers~What we are doing differently this year

We are planning Summer vacations right now.  We haven't went on a Summer Vacation in 3 or 4 years, minus the little camping trip we tried to take last April.  We were only 5 good months into the Recovery process, so that was probably stupid on our part to try to go camping.  I was … Continue reading Vacation Triggers~What we are doing differently this year

All Triggers need Boundaries

What a weekend....it was a great weekend, but even with Great weekends we have Triggers.  Let me explain, my Husband has a cheap old non-smart cell phone.  He gave up his brand new phone after I discovered his addiction along with access to his computer.  He used to spend more hours tucked away on his … Continue reading All Triggers need Boundaries

And then the Kids found out

We have been celebrating Birthday's and Mother's Day around here, so I have been extra busy around here.  I have been thinking a lot about this past year.  We have healed and grown so much in not only our Faith, but our Trust in each other.  I know I mentioned that our two oldest Kiddos … Continue reading And then the Kids found out