Q&A of the Day…..Am I Crazy?

Question Time!!!!!  Ok, Confused and Scared sent me an email last night asking me this question.....What do you do when your Husband doesn't think he has a sex addiction.  I know that he does because I have caught porn on our Family computer a million times and he constantly tells me he will stop.  He … Continue reading Q&A of the Day…..Am I Crazy?

Our Daily Recovery Routine~Reader Question

I was emailed over the weekend regarding Our Daily "Recovery" routine.  I thought that would be helpful to share with everyone.  We Work HARD every single day to stay Connected and Transparent with each other.  We put hours into our Marriage every day, here is what we do..... Our youngest boy has Autism, so he … Continue reading Our Daily Recovery Routine~Reader Question

The Cycle Goes On and On…..Till You Hop Off

When I discovered my Husband was a Sex Addict I struggled Big Time with ruminating.  I couldn't shake the thoughts and visions I had in my head.  I would troll craigslist, go through old calendars to try and remember if he was with us or not.  I would go through old receipts, scan every single … Continue reading The Cycle Goes On and On…..Till You Hop Off

Transparency is Key for Success

My Husband came home from work the other day and after we welcomed each other he had something he wanted to share with me.  He needed to be transparent.  In the beginning....2 years ago I would have feelings of despair, anxiety and hopelessness like I felt from the on start of Discovery when he needed … Continue reading Transparency is Key for Success

Why I have been MIA…..

You know it's been awhile since I've written anything.  I have been overwhelmed with life and trying to keep everything in perspective.  That is something I have learned through all this mess.  It may sound crazy depending on where you are with Discovering your own addiction or your spouse's.  But, I can honestly say that … Continue reading Why I have been MIA…..

Grieving While Your Spouse is in Recovery

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago...she's kind of a new friend.  So, she doesn't know what we have been through the past 2 years and thinks my Hubby is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G....which he is....Now!  🙂  She was explaining to me this situation that her grade school friend was dealing with.  Her Husband was … Continue reading Grieving While Your Spouse is in Recovery

Reader Question~ Standing in the Fire

Recently I was asked does the fear of your Husband having a relapse ever go away?  Well, the short honest answer to this question, is No.  But, I will say that with time, the proper therapy and guidance your constant worry and checking up on him, the bank accounts, the internet history, his phone and … Continue reading Reader Question~ Standing in the Fire

Inventory of Our Tool Box

This week we started our CR step study at our church.  Yay....super excited to add this to our Tool Box.  That's how we feel about anything that strengthens our relationship with Jesus and each other.  It's so important to engage your marriage every single day.  We read the Bible together, go to church, participate in … Continue reading Inventory of Our Tool Box