Our Daily Recovery Routine~Reader Question

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I was emailed over the weekend regarding Our Daily “Recovery” routine.  I thought that would be helpful to share with everyone.  We Work HARD every single day to stay Connected and Transparent with each other.  We put hours into our Marriage every day, here is what we do…..

Our youngest boy has Autism, so he comes into our bed every single morning for an early wake up call.  He and Dad have a little one on one….usually involving some game on a phone.  Once I can’t push out the sounds of their playing from my head anymore I say good morning.  We spend several minutes snuggling our boy and then he hops up to do his morning routine.  We always spend time connecting, checking in with our sleep quality, dreams or triggered nightmares.  We remind each other what is happening later that day if the schedule is not usual.  Then we are off to our morning routine.  We listen to Christian music or Prayers from an App we have called Abide while we get ready for the day Together.  Even if I’m not leaving the house that day, I still get ready with him.

During the week he works, so he leaves the house after getting ready.  We have talked about praying before he leaves…..I would love that, but we still have not made that happen.  While he is at work we will communicate with each other if we have been triggered.  My Husband did 99% of all of his acting out during work hours.  So, one of the most huge things he has changed to create safety for me is he comes home every day for lunch.  That used to be his acting out time….not any more. 🙂  I read scripture throughout the day, so I will usually send him a scripture daily and sometimes a quick hello, thinking of you.  In the beginning we emailed 15 times a day….I NEEDED that at that time and he happily provided that safety for me.  Now, I don’t need so much contact because his actions when we are together are clear that he is actively working his Recovery and Our Family and his commitment to the Lord is a priority.

Like I said he is home during lunch, sometimes we read scripture together or we will read from the Love Dare and discuss the exercise after the passage.  We check in again with each other.  Usually at this point in our day one of us needs some type of encouragement because of cranky Kiddos or craziness at work. 🙂

Now when he gets home we usually finish dinner up together and we ALWAYS have our Family meal together.  We all catch up on what’s going on and then we try to do some sort of Family time……game, movie or chatting.  Three nights a week we are either at Celebrate Recovery meeting, Step Study or our Marriage group.  We are Passionate about Recovery and Healing our Family!!!  After those evenings we usually relax and spend time connecting physically and emotionally.  Just the other night he spent the night just brushing my hair and we talked about our Summer plans.    So Relaxing and Connecting for us both!  On the other evenings we make time for our Recovery reading and homework.  We have a few leisure books and Marriage/Spiritual books that we are reading and working through too.  And we Love to Read the Bible together, it’s the glue that keeps us together.  We also end each night hand in hand in prayer, I love the ending to our day.

So, that’s what we do folks…..nothing too fancy.  We just make time to stay connected to the Lord and each other.  I have found that we need to put God 1st and then our spouse 2nd…..then the Kiddos.  I had it backwards for years….I put the Kids 1st, then my Husband and God was last.  I’m so thankful I finally got it right!  🙂

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