Daily Work for a Warrior Wife!

ASJL0UIGORI often get so wrapped up in life, homeschooling and the kids that I have to take a moment and reflect on my marriage and my Husband.  I do this daily, because I realize that the Devil is always on the prowl.  And I am right there on point shewing him away from our front door.  I am a Warrior for my Family, for my Marriage….I’m prepared to fight.   One of my Daily things that I take time to do is pray for my Husband and pray to be the helper he needs.  Here is a little pray that I did this morning along with my 2nd cup of coffee….. 🙂

Dear Heavenly Father….Thank You for giving me this New day!  Thank You for the breath in my lungs, my Family, and most of all for saving my soul!  Today I want to ask you Dear Lord for a heart of gratitude, especially towards my Husband.  Sometimes I forget how hard he is working on Recovery and Our Marriage.  I pray that you remind me daily to not let the many kind things he does for the kids and I to be overshadowed by mistakes he has made in the past.  We all make mistakes because we are all human.  know that I can forgive him because You have showed me how by forgiving me a loooooong time ago.  Give me the encouraging words my Husband needs to hear, allow the praises to flow from my mouth and help me to show my gratitude for everything he does no matter how small.  Help me to speak words of affirmation, encouragement and thankfulness throughout his day.   Amen!

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