Don’t let the Devil Know Your Loop Holes


We are all Human, even those of us in Recovery.  You don’t just decide to battle your addiction one day and life becomes all Perfect!  If you are in Recovery from Sex Addiction I KNOW YOU are TEMPTED EVERYWHERE!!!  It is almost impossible to go a whole day without seeing or hearing something sexual.   And if you lingered on that thought, image or person long enough you could be in for some trouble….it’s a slippery slope.  I think the Devil tries his Best to entice those in Recovery with their drug of choice.  He knows your weakness, he spends all his time going over your past looking for loop holes to bring you back into his fold.  He calculates the moments in your day when you are the most vulnerable.  That would be when you are sick, tired, hungry, board, disappointed, overwhelmed, depressed or feeling inadequate.  These are the times when we need to turn away from his Temptations…..fall to our knees and Reach out to the Lord, just crying out His name and Revoking the Devil’s presence can sometimes shift the air enough for you to remain Focused on sobriety.  If the tug is still at your heart and soul reach out to your Recovery Team!!!!  Recovery can’t be done in Isolation…..that is a recipe for relapse.  I have Always done EVERYTHING on my own.  Now, I know in-order to fully Recover I need to come out of the shadows and stand tall.  I need to admit I’m powerless and need help over my addictions, hurts and hang ups.

My Team consists of my Lord and Savior, Husband, Therapist, my New Friends at Celebrate Recovery, My Church and did I mention Jesus Christ? 🙂  He’s a Huge Part of my Recovery from Codependency, PTSD and the Betrayal of my Husband.  My Husband’s Recovery Team looks a lot like mine, except he also has a Sponsor through CR. Your Team can be just You, the Lord and one other person, it’s different for everyone.  But, getting plugged in with a Recovery Program and surrounding yourself with like minded people is where you want to find yourself.

When you think about it….. when a person seeks the Lord and enters Recovery the Devil’s army is down one Soldier.  That’s one less person to spread and believe his lies.  One less person that is choosing sin over their Family.  One less person losing Hope and Faith and is now coming back to Christ for the first time or the fifth time.  No more choosing Death over Life….Recovery through Jesus will give you the Life you thought only other people experienced.  Jesus will give you the Peace you desire, the Order in your life you crave, the Forgiveness you need and most importantly the Gift of Salvation.

May God Bless You All, I’m just an email away….send me all questions and prayer requests.

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