Why I have been MIA…..

You know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything.  I have been overwhelmed with life and trying to keep everything in perspective.  That is something I have learned through all this mess.  It may sound crazy depending on where you are with Discovering your own addiction or your spouse’s.  But, I can honestly say that since finding out about my Husband’s Sex Addiction I have kept my eye on the Lord way more than ever before.  And my To-Do list is shortened it’s self to a few major important things each day and if there is time for anything else I use that for my Self-Care and my Kiddos.

And that brings me to why I haven’t written.  My oldest is getting married in just a few short months, my Daughter just turned 16 and my health hasn’t been the best lately.  That spells Priority Rules to me.  Not to mention that all of this puts a strain on even the healthiest marriages.  But, a marriage that is coming up on 2 years since Discovery the boat can get rocked.  And our boats a rock’n…if you know what I mean.  Even though the skies seem a little darker over here we still see a silver lining around those beautiful fluffy clouds.  It just takes a little more effort and a whole lot of time.

So, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much.  I have missed chatting it up over here, I will be back more regularly now.  I think it will do me some good.  Bless you all to the moon in back!

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