Dare to Recover Your Marriage from Sex Addiction

One of my Major Tools in my tool belt for repairing my marriage hands down has to be The Love Dare!  We went out and bought it within a few days after Discovery.  I was honestly just grasping for straws….anything that I thought would help I wanted to try.  Back then I still thought I was the one that could “save” our marriage.  Now of course I know differently, yes I can do things to help my marriage…..but only God can save and restore my marriage.  But, this book is a great starting place.  This book put us on the right path with praying daily and comparing what our lives were missing and where in the Bible it says that very missing piece can be found.

The layout of The Love Dare is perfect for a struggling couple with sex addiction.  Because let’s face it, you just found out something pretty horrific.  You don’t have time to read a 400 page self-help book.  This book is a 40 day challenge.  Every day you read 1-2 pages, go over a few scriptures and then read the Dare for the day.  Here is a Sample of Day 1…Love is Patient.   This is lead us to many nights of healing tears and meaningful conversation for the first time ever in our marriage.  There is also a great Online Community to check out too.  We are about to take the FREE evaluation they have there again since it’s been almost 2 years.  But, that very first night we took the test and WOW….he was surprised at his score….I wasn’t though.  But, his tiny number showed him just how little he was giving to our marriage and that’s not even adding in the sex addiction part.  Now, he’s a different person and I can’t wait to see his number now.

We have went through the book several times and we are about to go through it once again…..maybe you can join us!  We will start in a few days and I’ll be discussing it here.  I’m also thinking about starting a Facebook page.  More on that soon……

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