Serenity Prayer…..Courage

Courage to change the things I can. By surrendering to God I won’t be ashamed while he guides me throughout my life.   And my heart will be confident and fearless as I listen for his sweet voice.  I pray for this every single day, sometimes it's hard to find the be fearless as … Continue reading Serenity Prayer…..Courage

Exalting God not the Addiction

Finally, we were able to make it to church yesterday.....except Hubby.  He is still sick and in the mornings it's even worse, so he stayed back.  This was the first time I have gone to church without him since Discovery.  So, what does this do to me.....triggers me, just a tiny bit.  But, it's such … Continue reading Exalting God not the Addiction

Accepting God’s Challenge for the Greater Good

I have been writing my life story for years....the abuse, the trauma, life on the streets and my total commitment to my God during it all.  People would often ask me how I keep my faith, how do I keep rolling with the punches?  While writing my story I wanted to paint a picture to … Continue reading Accepting God’s Challenge for the Greater Good

Getting Rid of Trauma…One Chatchke at a Time

The Nasties have taken over our house and not one of us has had more then 12 hours of peace within our body since we came back from Disney.  So, besides cleaning up puke, disinfecting and making boat loads of chicken noodle soup I have been weeding through the junk in our house.  Even though … Continue reading Getting Rid of Trauma…One Chatchke at a Time