What Questions Can You Ask??

I am often asked what can I ask my Spouse?  You can ask them Anything and Everything!!  You are the one who was betrayed and they need to be transparent with you.  Especially if you are working on keeping your Marriage and Family together.  Your Husband or Wife did sexual activities without you and then did sexual activities with you and you need to know for Your own health what has happened.  You may not want to ask every little detail just so that you don’t have to be traumatized anymore then need be.  But, in my case my Husband had unprotected sex with 60-90 women over the course of 6ish years and I needed to know.  Crazy town story I recently went to the Dr. for a referral for one of my kids and we realized I had not been to the Dr in over a year.  Our Dr and I thought that was funny and he looked at my chart and he counted over 30 urinary tract infections the last 4 years before discovery.  And not one single UTI, cough, infection or sickness of any kind since discovery 17 months ago.  I was in the Dr’s office constantly during my Husband’s secret life of sex addiction went on.  You have no idea how hurt that makes me, not only that he did this, but that my body and health paid a huge price.

So, please ask everything you want and need to ask them.  Nothing is off limits, because if you are in a committed relationship especially marriage you are bound to the other person.  What they do effects you!

Praying for you all as you ask the questions that your heart needs to deal with in order to forgive and heal.  To truly heal, you must forgive.  And if your Spouse is being transparent with you that will speed up the process.

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