STD Testing……Check!

Safety comes first always…..If you even suspect your spouse is anything but Faithful I would run and get tested.  Embarrassment is not worth the cost of your health.  As soon as the initial shock wore off the rage of worry overcame me.  Could I have a disease?  I have three kids to think about here.  I remember like it was yesterday….I called my Dr.’s office and made my appointment with the long explanation how I had read in a magazine that a girl could never be to sure these days.  That I knew I didn’t need to be tested, but hey I have nothing else going on and I’ve made my deductible already so No Co-Pay!!!  Yeah, I don’t think they believed me.

When I sat on the examination table I felt lost in a daze.  The Dr. has been our Dr. for years, I felt like I was at the principle’s office ratting on my Best Friend.  But, it is what it is and I told him everything, every detail.  He listened, comforted and reassured me of my odds.  My odds were not a pretty picture, but they could have been worse.  Every situation “could” be worse believe it or not.

After taking every STD test under the sun I drug my body back home and resumed position upstairs under my blanket listening to 80’s sad songs.  It took a long 10 days, but by the Grace of God My Husband and I both came out with Negative results all the way down the long list.  Thank you Lord!  It was the first time in weeks that I felt a feeling other than despair, anger and confusion.

If you don’t want to go to your Family Dr. go to a clinic, by a test online.  Do your research, there are several types of HIV tests available.  Depending on the last time your Husband engaged in sexual behavior with someone other than you, you may have to wait for the window of time to be accurate.  We went back 3 times for retesting, I wasn’t taking any chances!


Common STD’s for Men and Women

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